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China Sodium Hypochlorite Generator manufacturer

Ru-Ir-Pt Coated GR1 GR2 Titanium Electrode Products For Water Treatment

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Geemblue
Model Number: EC-100
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 20 DAYS
Supply Ability: 1000 set per month

Detail Information

Production: Chlorine Electrolyte: Brine/sea Water
Base Metal: GR1/GR2 Titanium Appearance: Customized
PH Level: 1~14 Coating: Ru-Ir-Pt
Coating Thickness: 1~10 Um Application: Water Treatment
High Light:

GR2 Titanium Electrode Products


Ru-Ir-Pt Coated Titanium Electrode Products

Product Description

High-Quality Ru-Ir-Pt Coated GR1/GR2 Titanium Electrode Products

Product Description:

This series of products is a ruthenium iridium titanium electrode, which is made of high-performance titanium material as the main substrate of the electrode sheet and coated with a certain proportion of ruthenium iridium precious metal.

This product is mainly used in the production of chlor-alkali industry, as well as in the electrolysis production of functional water, electroplating industry, ship cathodic protection, etc. In these applications, this series of products have many advantages that exceed the industry average level, such as low chlorine evolution potential, high electrolysis efficiency, and long service life.

For example, in the production of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant by electrolysis, the electrode plates of this series have a much lower chlorine evolution potential than other electrode plates, resulting in lower energy consumption for other side reactions and electrode heating compared to other electrode plates. This ensures electrolysis efficiency while also reducing work energy consumption and extending service life.

Ru-Ir-Pt Coated GR1 GR2 Titanium Electrode Products For Water Treatment 0


We have develop a new coating process, the Chain Nano Coating Process, which creates an orderly process of geometric structure made of RuO2 and IrO2 in the coating. This increases the connection between the coating and the substrate, making the coating thicker and more uniform, and therefore effectively extends the service life.

More importantly, this series of electrode sheets show a much lower chlorine evolution potential when compared to other similar products on the market, therefore highly suitable for the application in the chlor alkali industry. This superiority originates from the right composition ratio and the reasonable structure of the nano chains.

In addition, the precious metals take part in the reaction process actively and sensibly with the help of the reasonable proportion of precious metals and the excellent binding structures. This phenomenon ensures the long-term service life of the coating. According to the laboratory tests, even under the strong acid and alkali environment and the 40000 A/m2 current density, the coating can work for more than 60 hours.



The chlorine industry is an industry that produces a great range of products related to chlorine chemistry. It is a large and diverse industry that is used in many industries’ processes, from sodium hypochlorite production to electrolytic production of chlorine dioxide. Below are some common chlorine related uses.

One of the most common uses of chlorine industry is sea water electrolysis and chlorination. This involves using electrolysis to purify sea water and then use chlorine to further purify the water. This is primarily employed for drinking and sanitation purposes.

There is also the use of circulation water for sterilization and algae control. Circulation water cleansers are used to get rid of any unhygienic microorganisms present in the water, such as bacteria and viruses. Algae control measures are implemented to maintain the balance of the aquatic environment.

Electrochemical deposition of metals in chloride systems is another use of chlorine industry. This method allows for the production of different metals in concentrated chloride solutions. Such deposits can be used for corrosion prevention or as part of an industrial production.

Finally, water treatments are also commonly using chlorine industry products. Electrodialysis is a method of removing salts and other contaminants from water which utilizes an electric current to separate ions based on their size and charge.



Geemblue EC-100 Titanium Electrode Products
  • Brand Name: Geemblue
  • Model Number: EC-100
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Input current: 52A
  • Application: Water Treatment
  • Life time: 2~5years
  • Base metal: GR1/GR2 Titanium
  • Size: Customized
Our Titanium Electrode products are perfect for electrolytic cell applications. Our specialized titanium anodes are customized to your specifications and offer a life time of 2-5 years. GR1/GR2 Titanium is used as the base metal for all our products. With a maximum input current of 52A, our Titanium Electrode products are ideal for water treatment applications.

Packing and Shipping:

The Titanium Electrode Products are packaged in sturdy, custom-made cardboard boxes and shipped in accordance with the highest safety standards. Each box includes a foam insert with cut-outs specifically designed to the shape of each Titanium Electrode Product. To ensure the safe delivery of the Titanium Electrode Products, each box is wrapped in a protective plastic wrap and placed in a larger cardboard box. All packages are labeled with the product name, size, weight, and destination address.

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