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China Sodium Hypochlorite Generator manufacturer

High Strength HOCl Generator Strong Sterilizing Power With PH 2.7 - 3.5

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Geemblue
Certification: ISO9001 CE
Model Number: GBS-300-HCLO
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 31500-365000
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 40-45 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10 SET/MONTH

Detail Information

Function: Produce Super Acidic Water Capacity (product Output): 300 L / H
HClO Concentration: 100 – 200 Ppm PH: 2.7 – 3.5
Capacity Chlorine: 60 G/h Water Treatment Capacity: 60 M3 / H
High Light:

acidic water ionizer


industrial water ionizer

Product Description

Super Acid Water Ionizer Machine Hypochlorous Acid Generator With PH 2.7 – 3.5





Electrolyzed water come in many forms. The purest Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is pH neutral (pH 5.5) a.k.a. super-oxidized water.

In the early development of “Super-Oxidized Water”, electrolytic cells were only capable of generating small volumes of HOCL with a limited shelf life. In recent years, HOCL has been introduced as a high-level disinfectant, not corrosive and able to penetrate cell membranes more easily in comparison with Sodium Hypochlorite.


Features of Strong Acid Water (HOCl)


1. A Cost effective

It is very economical that a small amount of HCl makes the large amount of disinfectant.,


2. Strong Sterilizing power

It replaces the existing chemicals, and has much strong sterilizing power than chemicals.


3. Safe and Clear solution

When it compares to the existing chemicals, Geemblue makes a safe and clear solution by generating disinfecting water easily on site.

4. Prevent Diseases
Prevent diseases by eliminating germs and bacteria on the surface of all kinds of stuff. (If you're worried about corrosion, please wash out just one time while chemicals is needed to rinse more than 4 times.)


Principle of electrolysis


The strong acid electrolytic ion water equipment electrolyzes a certain proportion of diluted brine (NaCl) in a special electrolytic module. In the advanced polymer membrane, the anode side is strongly acidic oxidation potential water, and the cathode side is alkali sexual reduction potential water.

High Strength HOCl Generator Strong Sterilizing Power With PH 2.7 - 3.5 0



Brew and Beverage Industry Hypochlorous Acidic Generators have a number of applications in this industry. They include disinfecting water supply, tunnel pasteurizers, bottle wash and cleaning of conveyor and transport systems.
Cooling Towers and Ponds Effectively controls Legionella and other bacteria maintaining a safe and healthy environment. The powerful disinfecting solution also destroys biofilm yet is no more corrosive than tap water.
Waste Water Treatment Reduce bacterial count to safe levels without contaminating the environment.
Food and Dairy Industry Use in the food industry for disinfection in a wide range of areas including preparation surfaces, pipes, transport systems and packaging.
Fruit and Vegetable washing HClO is a highly effective disinfection agent for washing of Fruit and Vegetables both whole and cut, increasing the shelf life and providing a safer product for consumers.

1. Misting or spraying glasshouses with HClO gives effective bacterial and algal control.

2. Disinfection of irrigation water. Better vegetation and vegetables growth.

3. Better resistance to weeds, smuts, fungi various parasites and diseases.

4. Better quality of the products.Crop increase without additional use of fertilizers.

Drinking Water

Use as a disinfecting agent for drinking water making it safe for consumption without the unpleasant smell and taste associated with conventional chlorine based water treatment.

Swimming Pools Onsite hypochlorous acidic generators can ensure a safe swimming environment without the unpleasant smell or eye stinging effects of traditional chlorine based treatments. It is also safer for staff as they do not have to handle potentially dangerous chemicals.

Hotels and Public Facilities


Legionella is a major health problem in facilities with a large water system where parts are not often used such as hotel rooms in low season. The unused areas can result in the build-up of Legionella and other health endangering bacteria within the water system. The addition of hypochlorous acidic generator to the water system can prevent this without costly high temperature flushing.
Fish Processing HClO has been shown to be highly effective in destroying bacteria such as Vibrio and E.coli making a safer product for consumers
Medical Facilities Due to its non-toxicity and non-corrosive nature it is ideal for surface sterilization of medical facilities to help prevent bacterial infection.
Livestock industries and livestock breeding

1. Provides general disinfection, surface and equipment cleaning and misting medium for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria control.

2. Promotes fodder assimilation, reduces mortality.

3. Ensures skin parasitic diseases control.

Agriculture Use of HClO in agriculture can result in increased yields and improved animal husbandry by destroying bacteria in animal drinking water and stock pens.

1. Increases vitality and resistance, improves fertility.

2. Residue free treatment of mastitis, diarrhea and other infections.

3. Better feed stuff utilization.

4. Reduces tension.

5. Enhances growth and yields.

6. Effectively controls and cures the most serious diseases.

Oil and gas industries

A highly effective alternative to bactericides that are non-biodegradable or bio accumulative.

Targeting bacteria responsible for microbial-induced corrosion and slime while being safe to humans.

Marine Industry Hypochlorous acidic generators are suitable for shipboard sterilization of drinking and ballast water.

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