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China Sodium Hypochlorite Generator manufacturer

Compact Sodium Hypochlorite Generator For Water Plant 380V 60hz 3 Phase

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Geemblue
Certification: CE, ISO 9001, ATEX
Model Number: GTL-1000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: 35~45days
Supply Ability: 30 set per month

Detail Information

Concentration: 7000~9000ppm Capacity: 1kg/h
NaOCl Output: 125L/h Salt Consumption: 3.5kg/kg Cl2
Power Consumption: 4.5kw/kg Cl2 Additive: Food Grade Salt
Water Requiremnt: Tap Water Washing Mode: Acid Washing
Control Mode: Full Automatic
High Light:

Compact Sodium Hypochlorite Generator


Sodium Hypochlorite Generator For Water Plant

Product Description

Compact Sodium Hypochlorite Generator For Water Plant

Product Description:

Geemblue sodium hypochlorite systems have the capacity to produce sodium hypochlorite from brine by a process called electrolysis with a concentration of 0.8%. In comparison to other conventional methods, the solution produced is not as harsh and contains very few minerals, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming cleaning and de-scaling of the injection nozzles.

With traditional sodium hypochlorite, there is a sharp decline in chorine levels with over 20% being lost due to storage. In comparison, more than 1% of chlorine remains stable over a prolonged period of time with the sodium hypochlorite generated from the GEEMBLUE systems; and required no additional additives.

One of the greatest benefits of this system is that the sodium hypochlorite is generate close to the process, which eliminates the risk of accidental spillage that can occur with transportation. And it also reduces contact with the operating personnel.

Compact Sodium Hypochlorite Generator For Water Plant 380V 60hz 3 Phase 0


Fully Automated Operation: A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)-based control system provides fully automatic operation of the entire process and monitors key variables to ensure reliable operation of the system. Safety features such as run inhibit during a descaling process, and tank overfill protection are some of the many inherently safe interlocks built into the process controls. The control panel includes a touch-screen Human Machine Interface (HMI) to provide user-friendly access to operators.

Robust Single-Electrolyzer Design: Geemblue sodium hypochlorite generator unique electrolyzer design optimizes salt and power consumption while providing easy access to the cell components for maintenance. A clear cast acrylic casing allows for visual inspection, and the improved end-connection cap design minimizes the potential for leaks. The electrolyzer is arranged horizontally for flow optimization; increasing residence time and heat transfer in each cell pass and minimizing hydrogen bubble size. The result is maximum process efficiency while yielding the highest quality hypochlorite solution.

Ease of installation and maintenance Installation Flexibility: Geemblue sodium hypochlorite generator is perfect for retrofit applications or installation in existing buildings since it can pass through a standard doorway. The floor-mounted transformer/rectifier cabinet on 3.75 kg/h and 5.00 kg/h (195 lb/day and 260 lb/day) is typically installed adjacent to the generator to minimize the length of interconnecting power cables.

Plug-and-Play Convenience: The electrolyzer system is shipped pre-assembled, pre-wired, and tested to verify hypochlorite production. Once the system is on site the electricity supply, brine solution and process water connections have to be connected to the skid. The common outlet pipe for hypochlorite and hydrogen solution is piped to the hypochlorite storage tank. For these works, the correct installation and regular maintenance, we recommend our specially trained technicians.

Less Maintenance, Reduced Downtime: All serviceable components are strategically arranged on the skid as to facilitate quick access by maintenance personnel. The process water and brine management subassembly is panel mounted on the skid. The electrolyzer is situated on the frame so that it may be accessed by the operator while standing upright. Flexible hydraulic hose and electrical cables to the electrolyzer make for easy connections and adjustment if needed. Piping and electrical connections are provided for the acid-cleaning system.



Chlorination is a process used to make water potable. It helps to stop the growth of bacteria, which can cause health problems. In addition, chlorination is used for food and dairy washing and processing, to clean cooling towers, and for secondary disinfection and industrial treatments. It is also used for swimming and spa pool disinfection.

Chlorination is an important aspect of water treatments, as it helps control the amount of bacteria and microorganisms in the water. Without it, water supplies can be contaminated and can make people sick. Additionally, chlorination helps to reduce scaling, corrosion and build-up of bio-films in cooling towers.


Technical Parameters:

Process of Electrolytic Chlorination

Influent water passes through a water softener to reduce hardness, ultimately decreasing the scaling of electrodes and extending the cleaning time.

The softened water dissolves the salt in the tank, resulting in a saturated brine. This brine is then diluted, usually between 2.5-3%, and passes through the electrolytic cell. Finally, it is electrolyzed into a 0.8% solution of sodium hypochlorite, flowing into a storage tank. The only byproduct of the process is hydrogen, which is safely vented to the atmosphere.

To ensure a precise dosing of the product, the liquid is managed and controlled by a residual chlorine analyser and quantity controller.



Sodium Hypochlorite Generator
Brand Name: Geemblue
Model Number: GTL-1000
Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE, ISO 9001, ATEX
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Salt requirement: Food Grade Salt
Capacity: 1kg/h
Power Consumption: 4kw/kg Cl2
Additive: Salt
Power Supply: 380V/60hz 3 Phase

This Sodium Hypochlorite Generator is an electro chlorination system which is used for producing Sodium hypochlorite. It provides a reliable, cost-effective and environmental friendly solution for disinfection needs.


Packing and Shipping:

The packaging and shipping of Sodium Hypochlorite Generator is done with extreme caution. All components are placed in individual containers and secured with bubble wrap. The containers are then placed in a strong cardboard box and wrapped with additional bubble wrap for extra protection. The box is then sealed with heavy-duty tape, and the shipment is labeled with a warning label about the hazardous nature of the product.

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