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China Sodium Hypochlorite Generator manufacturer

Salt Water Electrolysis Sodium Hypochlorite Generator For Water Plant

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: geemblue
Certification: ISO9001 CE ATEX
Model Number: GBS-10K-NACLO
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD 170000 ~300000 / SET
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 45 works day
Supply Ability: 30 set/ month

Detail Information

Chlorine Capacity: 10Kg/h Output: 1250~2000L/h
Concentration: 5000~8000 Ppm Salt Consumption: 3.5kg/kg Cl2
Power Consumption: 4kwh/kg Cl2 Additive: Food Grade Salt
Feed Brine Concentration: 2.5~3% Feed Water Requirement: Tap Water
Cell Arrangement: Horizontal H2 Production Amount: 0.35m3/kg Cl2
High Light:

Salt Water Electrolysis Sodium Hypochlorite Generator


Sodium Hypochlorite Generator For Water Plant

Product Description

Salt water electrolysis sodium hypochlorite generator for water plant



Brief Introduction


The GEEMBLUE EC system generates a 0.8 % sodium hypochlorite solution through the electrolysis of salt water , consuming only water, salt and electricity. By producing hypochlorite on-site and on-demand, the system eliminates concerns associated with transportation and storage of chlorine gas or commercial sodium hypochlorite solutions, making it ideal for any medium to large scale application requiring chlorination.


Sodium hypochlorite turn into hypochlorous acid by hydrolysis in water, and turn into nascent oxygen [O] in further step, which having ultra strong oxidation to effect the protein of thalli and virus, and terminate pathogenic microorganisms. Besides that, during the reaction of hypochlorous acid, it’s not only having effects on cell wall and viral coat, but due to its small volume and no electrical charge, it’s also permeate into germ or virus generate oxidation reaction with the organic polymer like protein, nucleic acid and enzyme, and thus to kill pathogenic microbes. What’s more, the chlorine ion generated by hypochlorous acid will change the osmotic pressure significantly, cause death of cell by lost of activity.



  GTL-5000 GTL-8000 GTL-10000 GTL-15000 GTL-20000
Chlorine Capacity 5Kg/hr 8Kg/hr 10Kg/hr 15Kg/hr 20Kg/hr
Water treatment Capacity(At 1ppm dosing) 100mld 160MLD 200MLD 300MLD 400MLD
Salt Consumption 3.5kg/kg Cl2 3.5kg/kg Cl2 3.5kg/kg Cl2 3.5kg/kg Cl2 3.5kg/kg Cl2
Power Consumption 4.0kw/ kg Cl2 4.0kw/ kg Cl2 4.0kw/ kg Cl2 4.0kw/ kg Cl2 4.0kw/ kg Cl2
Concentration of HYPO 5000~8000ppm 5000~8000ppm 5000~8000ppm 5000~8000ppm 5000~8000ppm
Production Flow Rate 625~1000 L/hr 1000~1600L/hr 1250~2000L/hr 1875~3000L/hr 2500~4000L/hr




Ease of installation and maintenance
Installation Flexibility:
Geemblue sodium hypochlorite generator is perfect for retrofit applications or installation in existing buildings since it can pass through a standard doorway. The floor-mounted transformer/rectifier cabinet on 3.75 kg/h and 5.00 kg/h (195 lb/day and 260 lb/day) is typically installed adjacent to the generator to minimize the length of interconnecting power cables.

Plug-and-Play Convenience:
The electrolyzer system is shipped pre-assembled, pre-wired, and tested to verify hypochlorite production. Once the system is on site the electricity supply, brine solution and process water connections have to be connected to the skid. The common outlet pipe for hypochlorite and hydrogen solution
is piped to the hypochlorite storage tank. For these works, the correct installation and regular maintenance, we recommend our specially trained technicians.

Less Maintenance, Reduced Downtime:
All serviceable components are strategically arranged on the skid as to facilitate quick access by maintenance personnel. The process water and brine management subassembly is panel mounted on the skid. The electrolyzer is situated on the frame so that it may be accessed by the operator while standing upright. Flexible hydraulic hose and electrical cables to the electrolyzer make for easy connections and adjustment if needed. Piping and electrical connections are provided for the acid-cleaning system


Salt Water Electrolysis Sodium Hypochlorite Generator For Water Plant 0




Chlorination of potable water supplies
Food washing / processing treatment
Dairies / Breweries cleaning in place (CIP)
Cooling tower biocide treatment
Secondary disinfection
Industrial chlorination treatments
Swimming & Spa pool disinfection





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