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China Sodium Hypochlorite Generator manufacturer

500g/h Sodium Hypochlorite Generator From Electrolysis 2.5% - 3% Dilute Saline Water

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Geemblue
Certification: ISO9001 CE
Model Number: GBA-500-NACLO
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 14550-17000 / set
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 40-45 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 30 set/ month

Detail Information

Electrolytic Liquid: 2.5% - 3% Dilute Saline Water Conversion Of Salt: 3.5kg/ Kg Chlorine
Energy Conversion: 4kWh (per Kg Active Chlorine) Capacity (Water Treatment): 10000 Ton / Day
Raw Materials: Water, Salt, Power Output: 500 G /h
High Light:

sodium hypochlorite equipment


sodium hypochlorite generation system

Product Description

500 g /h Water Treatment System from Electrolysis 2.5% - 3% Dilute Saline Water



Product introduce


Sodium hypochlorite generator is a generator to produce sodium hypochlorite by brine or sea water electrolysis, and the whole system is a combination of softener, salt dissolving unit, brine proportion unit, control system, electrolytic unit, storage unit, dosing unit and acid washing unit. It's a system using salt as raw material to produce sodium hypochlorite liquid (0.8%) and dose into water for disinfection.





Electrochlorination uses electricity to convert SALT + WATER (brine) into a mixed oxidant solution of sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide.


Evenly spaced titanium electrodes are placed in a 3% brine solution (NaCl + H2O). When a DC current is applied to the electrodes the brine acts as a conductor between the positive and negative poles. The resulting electrochemical reactions convert the brine into the sodium hypochlorite based mixed oxidant solution.


The electrode reaction and solution reactions is


Electrode reaction:


at the anode: 2Cl- - 2e → Cl2;
at the cathode: 2H+ + 2e → H2

Solution reaction:


2NaOH + Cl2 → NaCl + NaClO + H2O


Overall reaction as follow:


NaCl + H2O + DC →NaClO + H2



Feature and Benefit


♫ Eliminates hazards associated with gaseous Cl2. More stable than bulk sodium hypochlorite.

♫ Safe and clean on-site production.

♫ Safe and economical using only salt, water and electricity.

♫ Eliminate transportation and handling of gaseous chlorine or bulk sodium hypochlorite.

♫ Skid mounted, fully integrated systems.

♫ Automatic, local or remote operation.

♫ Easily integrates with all chlorine analyzers and dose control systems.

♫ Stable and repeatable levels of free chlorine at the end of your distribution system.




Model chlorine capacity Water treatment capacity concentration flow rate salt conversion energy conversion
GBA-50-NACLO 50 g / h 1000 ton / day 5000~7000 ppm 10 L / h 3.5 kg / kg Cl2 4 kwh / kg Cl2
GBA-100-NACLO 100 g / h 2000 ton / day 5000~7000 ppm 20 L / h 3.5 kg / kg Cl2 4 kwh / kg Cl2
GBA-200-NACLO 200 g / h 4000 ton / day 5000~7000 ppm 40 L / h 3.5 kg / kg Cl2 4 kwh / kg Cl2
GBA-300-NACLO 300 g / h 6000 ton / day 5000~7000 ppm 60 L / h 3.5 kg / kg Cl2 4 kwh / kg Cl2
GBA-400-NACLO 400 g / h 8000 ton / day 5000~7000 ppm 80 L / h 3.5 kg / kg Cl2 4 kwh / kg Cl2
GBA-500-NACLO 500 g / h 10000 ton / day 5000~7000 ppm 100 L / h 3.5 kg / kg Cl2 4 kwh / kg Cl2

















500g/h Sodium Hypochlorite Generator From Electrolysis 2.5% - 3% Dilute Saline Water 0

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