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China Sodium Hypochlorite Generator manufacturer

100g/H Electrolyzer Titanium Electrode Products For Sodium Hypochlorite

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GEEMBLUE
Certification: CE,ISO9001
Model Number: EC-100
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: 1000~2000 usd
Packaging Details: Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 20 DAYS
Supply Ability: 100 set per month

Detail Information

Capacity: 100g/h Concentration: 5000~8000ppm
Input Current: 40A Input Voltage: 14~16V
Output Flow: 12.5~20L/h Anode Material: Titanium Base With Ru-Ir Coating
Cell Body: Acrylic Electrode Plate Spacing: 2.5mm
Cleaning Mode: Acid Washing Salt Consumption: 3.5kg Per Kg CL2
Power Consumption: 4kw Per Kg Cl2
High Light:

Electrolyzer Titanium Electrode Products


Sodium Hypochlorite Titanium Electrode Products

Product Description

100g/h Electrolyzer For Sodium Hypochlorite



The electrolyzer is made of titanium and coated by ruthenium and iridium at a certain proportion.


The product is mainly applied in chlor-alkali industry, the production of functional water, electroplating industry, and cathode protection in vessel etc. Its low electric potential for chlorine separation, high efficiency, long service life makes it an excellent performance, far beyond the average compare to similar products. Take the production of sodium hypochlorite as an example, the electric potential for chlorine separation is much lower than that of the other electrode, as well as the energy consumption and other side reactions, thus ensure the high efficiency for electrolysis while reduce energy consumption and lengthen the service life.


We developed a new coating process:

1. A chain-type nano coating process, it makes RuO2 and IrO2 a regular geometric chain in the coating, and the bonding between coating and substrate become much tighter and firmer, coating becomes more uniform and greatly extends the service life


2.Decrease the electric potential for chlorine ion separation. The chlorine electrolysis reaction is the basic reaction of the chlor-alkali industry. The decrease of the electric potential means that during the electrolysis, other reactions will not be excessively carried out such as the electrolysis of water, and the electrolysis efficiency will be increased therefore. With the advance ingredients in certain proportion and the regular nano-chain structure, the eletric potential of this series of electrodes is far lower than that of similar products on the market, and therefore it has performed exceptionally well in the chlor-alkali industry.


3.High activity. Compared to the old process, the new type of chain coating has high noble metal activity and fast-reaction in electrolysis due to its reasonable precious metal proportion and the combination structure of precious metals.


4.Longer service life. Thanks to a more optimized structure, the service life of this series of electrodes is extended, and it can be continuously and stably operated under strong acid and alkali. Under a current density of 40000 A/m2 and an electrolyte of 1 mol/LH2SO4, Electrode pads can continue to work steadily for more than 60 hours.



  EC-100 EC-200 EC-300 EC-500 EC-800
Capacity 100g/h 200g/h 300g/h 500g/h 800g/h
Brine concentration 2.5~3% 2.5~3% 2.5~3% 2.5~3% 2.5~3%
Input current 30~40A 60~80A 90~110A 90~130A 120~160A
Input voltage 14~16V 14~16V 14~16V 21~24V 28~32V
NaClO concentration 5000~8000ppm 5000~8000ppm 5000~8000ppm 5000~8000ppm 5000~8000ppm
NaClO output flow 12.5~20L/h 25~40L/h 37.5~60L/h 62.5~100L/h 100~160L/h


Manufacturing processes:

1)Pretreatment:choosing right material, cutting ,welding accordingly , annealing ,cleansing ,acid etching

2) Preparing noble metal: be made up in proportion of mol according to customer's application

3) Brush painting :coated by 12 to15 times

4) thermal decomposition of oxidation



100g/H Electrolyzer Titanium Electrode Products For Sodium Hypochlorite 0

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