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Barrel Titanium Mesh Electrode Low Working Voltage With Ruthenium Iridium Coating

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Geemblue
Certification: ISO9001 CE
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 40 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 20 set/month

Detail Information

Shape: Barrel Mesh Inlay Size: Bottom 120mm, Height 450mm
Aperture: Prismatic Hole, 25mm Long X 15mm Short Coating Ingredient: RuO2+IrO2 (special Ratio)
Coating Thickness: ≥1.0um Current Density: ≦ 10000mA/M2
High Light:

dsa titanium anode


mixed metal oxide electrode

Product Description

Barrel Mesh Titanium Electrode with Ruthenium and Iridium Coating for Cooling Tower



Working principle


Under the action of DC electric field, heavy metal ions such as Fe3+, Ca2+, Ni3+, etc. will get electrons and become precipitates. Residual organics will undergo oxidation-reduction reactions under the catalysis of the electrode and decompose in the water.




1. We introduced a new coating process from German AG Group: A chain-type nano coating process, it makes RuO2 and IrO2 a regular geometric chain in the coating, and the bonding between coating and substrate become much tighter and firmer, coating becomes more uniform and greatly extends the service life.


2. Decrease the electric potential for chlorine ion separation. The chlorine electrolysis reaction is the basic reaction of the chlor-alkali industry. The decrease of the electric potential means that during the electrolysis, other reactions will not be excessively carried out such as the electrolysis of water, and the electrolysis efficiency will be increased therefore. With the advance ingredients in certain proportion and the regular nano-chain structure, the eletric potential of this series of electrodes is far lower than that of similar products on the market, and therefore it has performed exceptionally well in the chlor-alkali industry.


3. High activity. Compared to the old process, the new type of chain coating has high noble metal activity and fast-reaction in electrolysis due to its reasonable precious metal proportion and the combination structure of precious metals.


4. Longer service life. Thanks to a more optimized structure, the service life of this series of electrodes is extended, and it can be continuously and stably operated under strong acid and alkali. Under a current density of 40000 A/m2 and an electrolyte of 1 mol/LH2SO4, Electrode pads can continue to work steadily for more than 60 hours.




Boiler, cooling water treatment. It cleans the boiler and large cooling towers. Since there are a lot of impurities inside cooling water, which will cause scaling, corrosion, microorganisms, algae propagation and many other problems if they are not treated well.





Specification Describe
base metal Gr 1/Gr 2
coating RuO2+IrO2
current density ≦10000mA/M2
technology chain type nano coating
content of precious metal 10g/M2~100g/M2
appearance customized as net, tube, stick
fluoride ion <50mg/L
PH level 1-14
Reinforcement test 40KmA/M2,1mol/LH2SO4;H=1200h













Barrel Titanium Mesh Electrode Low Working Voltage With Ruthenium Iridium Coating 0

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